Russell Surfboards was established in 1967 in Newport Beach. Since then we been through many transitions of surfing and surfboard building.  We build classic and modern surfboards by hand from start to finish. All aspects of manufacturing are done in our own glass shop in Costa Mesa, CA.   We strive for consistency, quality, and innovation in our boards and we continue to perfect that ideal. 

We have a retail shop and show room on the Balboa Peninsula right in front of Blackies surf spot.  On any given day, (especially the good ones) you'll catch a few of the Russell guys surfing out front.

  We stock all of our models in the most popular sizes on our floor.  So instead of waiting for a custom board while the waves are going off most of our customers find the gem they're looking for right off the rack.  If custom is the way to go for you then we can handle that for you also. By keeping every aspect of the board building process in house we push all the customs to the front of the line, cutting down on the wait time and getting you in the water faster with your fresh stick. 

At the end of the day we have kept surfboards our main priority.  Theres not many surf shops left stocking mostly surfboards in their shop, much less making them themselves.  We take pride in our history and the heritage of Russell Surfboards and plan on continuing to create our history, our own way.  The way Russell did.